Blinds in Walton-on-Thames | How to Clean Everything from Awnings to Plantation Shutters

Are you planning to invest in blinds, awnings, canopies or plantation shutters for your Walton-on-Thames property? In the lead-up to your purchase and the installation itself, your focus is understandably on the aesthetics and functionality these features will provide. Eventually, however, your thoughts will turn to cleaning them. Whether they are internal or external features, your bespoke products need regular TLC in the fight against dust, debris and all manner of dirt and grime.

From conservatory blinds at a private home to window awnings outside a commercial property, maintaining the condition of your products is vital to upholding the aesthetic you want to create.

Below, we have provided a general guide for how to clean everything from blinds to plantation shutters. Please note, the products we sell are bespoke and often motorised. As such, you should always seek professional advice on how best to maintain the specific item(s) we provide for your home in Walton-on-Thames or any of the surrounding areas we cover.

Cleaning Your Blinds, Awnings and Shutters

It’s important to always have clean hands before touching your product’s fabric or hardware. This is especially true if they are light in colour. Even a small amount of dirt applied to the same area will soon build up to become a noticeable stain on conservatory blinds, plantation shutters or any other design feature.


You are most likely to use your awning throughout the warmer months. As such, we recommend cleaning it at the end of spring or early summer, and again at the end of summer or early autumn.

The key to keeping awnings in excellent condition is staying on top of their maintenance. The same applies to all fabric products, from conservatory blinds to canopies. If you let dirt and grime build-up, it’s much harder to remove. What’s more, you’ll likely scrub harder for longer. This can damage the fabric.

For both the fabric and the metal hardware, use warm soapy water. Don’t let excess water run into the wall-mounted mechanism because it might spoil the fabric when stored. This could reduce the kerb appeal of the Walton-on-Thames property you originally wanted to improve.

It’s important to not scrub too hard as you may scratch your product. Let the soap do the hard work for you.

Plantation Shutters

Like roller, Roman, Venetian, vertical and conservatory blinds, shutters are relatively simple to clean. But you should note, if you have wooden shutters, you must avoid using too much water during cleaning. Wood is a natural fibre, so the water will cause swelling and drying out. In turn, this leads to warping. If this occurs, your beautiful bespoke plantation shutters soon become ill-fitting.

For everyday dust and debris, a clean, dry cloth will suffice. You can also use a soft, clean toothbrush to remove debris built up in the corners. If you have stubborn or sticky stains, a damp cloth should lift them. As with awnings, don’t scrub too hard as you may damage the finish.


The cleaning process for your blinds depends entirely on the type of window furnishing you have hanging in your Walton-on-Thames home.

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