Blinds in Oxshott | How Awnings, Plantation Shutters & Conservatory Blinds Provide Light Control

As bespoke products, our blinds, awnings, plantation shutters and canopies deliver a unique aesthetic to internal rooms and gardens alike. While there’s no doubting the importance of creating a bold statement, your custom-made products give you control in other important ways too. Chief among these is light control. Whether you need conservatory blinds only, or you want to fit numerous spaces around your Oxshott home with window furnishings, you can tailor features to greatly improve your lifestyle.

Below, we have looked at some of the ways your new blinds, awnings and shutters can benefit you on a practical level.

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Blinds, Plantation Shutters & Awnings | Practical Benefits

Blackout Blinds for Better Sleep

We all have different sleep patterns. Likewise, light sensitivity affects everyone to varying degrees. As a result, there are numerous reasons why you or anyone else might find themselves struggling to sleep beyond dawn. This is especially true in summer. Whether in Oxshott or any other location, adults and children alike find themselves waking up much too early as daylight enters through ineffective blinds or curtains.

This is where blackout blinds come in. This feature uses a specially designed material to completely block out sunlight, creating a dark environment in your bedroom even in the middle of the day. This extends to other unwanted light that may stop you falling asleep in the first place, such as traffic lights, car headlights and streetlamps.

Stop Sun Fade

Blinds, awnings and plantation shutters also play a key role in preventing sun damage to belongings near windows. As a slow process, it’s easy to forget just how damaging the sun can be for all manner of textiles. Not only does it fade the colour, it can also make the fabric more brittle. For large investments like carpets and sofas, this soon becomes frustrating.

From a well-placed awning to regular use of conservatory blinds, you can take preventative measures around your Oxshott property to help limit such damage. This not only retains the condition of your items; it prolongs their lifespan and maximises the original investment you made in them.

Light Control

While some circumstances benefit from blocking sunlight out completely, others need only to filter it. For example, if the light shines into your living room in the afternoon, you can configure your plantation shutters to create a cosy, golden ambience while watching a film or your favourite TV show.

You can also alter your bespoke conservatory blinds as the day progresses to ensure the perfect amount of light for reading and relaxing. Closing them all can also help take the edge off oppressive summer heat.

Likewise, installing one of our awnings over a window that receives constant sun makes home offices, workshops and commercial units much more accommodating spaces.

No two houses in Oxshott are the same. Your circumstances, daily routines and preferences are all unique too. With a bespoke service for blinds, awnings and shutters, you can benefit from increased control day and night.

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