Plantation Shutters in Esher | What Makes Awnings, Canopies & Conservatory Blinds So Popular?

The recent run of especially hot summers has underlined many issues for our society. Among these is how many homes and workplaces in Surrey, London and across the South East simply aren’t designed or equipped to make life any easier during a heatwave. While there’s no silver bullet that will magically reduce the temperature and humidity, simple additions to your home in Esher can help make you feel more comfortable. These include conservatory blinds, plantation shutters, awnings and canopies, to name a few.

At The Shutter & Blind Store, we provide a bespoke service tailored to your specific needs. This means we make your products to order. With a made-to-measure approach, you ensure the perfect fit and style.

Below, we have introduced a selection of our products and some of their benefits. While they all help make daily life in the heat more bearable, they offer so much more as well.

Blinds, Awnings, Canopies & Shutters | The Benefits

Conservatory Blinds

The Shutter & Blind Store supplies and fits roller, vertical and Venetian designs. However, it’s notoriously difficult to regulate the temperature in conservatories, be they in Esher or any other location. This is especially true during weather extremes. As such, we have focused on conservatory blinds here.

Plantation Shutters

While we provide bespoke café-style, tier-on-tier and classic shutters, we look below at the plantation design. For a combined solution, consider pairing the shutters at your Esher home with one of our awnings or canopies.


Our company can provide custom-made awnings for your balcony, patio, windows or conservatory. We find solutions for open spaces in Esher too.


Our bespoke canopies provide cover and shade for areas of any size in the Esher area. Like conservatory blinds, plantation shutters and awnings, we tailor the dimensions of your canopy, as well as their colour, to suit your exact requirements.

Call 01932 857 665 to talk over the ideas you have for your Esher property. From plantation shutters to conservatory blinds, we make any concept a reality.