Blinds in Cobham | From Awnings to Conservatory Blinds – Your Questions Answered

Are you unsure whether to invest in blinds or plantation shutters? Are you caught between awnings and canopies? As made-to-measure features that alter your Cobham property and lifestyle, it’s only natural that you want complete confidence before making a final decision. At The Shutter & Blind Store, our experienced team is happy to answer questions you have about any of our products or our service.

From conservatory blinds to motorised solutions, we clarify the options available to you based on your property type, design aspirations and budget.

When it comes to customer service, our company prides itself on going above and beyond. As such, we have listed below a handful of the questions we commonly receive, be it in our Weybridge showroom or on sites in Cobham and the surrounding areas.

Blinds, Shutters, Awnings & Canopies | Common Queries

Should I choose plantation shutters or blinds?

Many variables shape the answer to this question. Naturally, we can’t provide a definitive solution without knowledge of your specific circumstances. We would also need to narrow down your options when it comes to blinds. For example, conservatory blinds and Venetian designs elsewhere in the house don’t necessarily play the same roles.

Generally speaking, you should consider your priorities, including:

Can I install one of your awnings on my Cobham house?

First, we only answer this question definitely after completing a site survey at your property. As a general guide, however, there’s a golden rule you should apply to awning installations: Never invest in awnings that a professional cannot install properly.

This will depend on the amount of wall you have for the installation to take place. To ensure you have enough ‘weight’ to support the fixing, and to maintain its integrity, you will need a minimum of 3 or 4 brickwork courses.

What kind of conservatory blinds can I install?

Depending on the specifics of your conservatory in Cobham, we can install any option from our range of blinds. These include:

Do you offer guarantees?

Absolutely. Whether you choose plantation shutters, awnings, canopies, conservatory blinds or any other product, we provide a guarantee for your peace of mind.

This is a 1-year guarantee covering the products and the installation.

You can also rest assured, The Shutter & Blind Store operates in Cobham and the surrounding areas with commercial and public liability insurance.

Call 01932 857 665 for more information about conservatory blinds, awnings and our full range of products. We happily visit properties across Cobham for consultations.