Awnings in Chertsey | From Conservatory Blinds to Shutters, Current Trends Inspiring Our Work

When you choose The Shutter & Blind Store, you benefit from full control over your new blinds, awnings, plantation shutters and canopies. While practical points like privacy and light control will always remain at the top of priority lists, the overall design is equally as important. The colour, texture and all round aesthetic of your new product will make a huge difference to the room in which our team installs it. It’s important, then, to take your time and find what works best for your Chertsey home.

From conservatory blinds to patio awnings, we have looked below at some of the current trends inspiring our products. This information could help inspire creativity for your upcoming purchase.

If you’ve already got a defined vision of what you want to achieve, please call us on 01932 857 665 or visit our showroom in Weybridge. We’re always happy to discuss your ideas and concepts for blinds, awnings, plantation shutters and more.

Window Furnishing Design Trends

Conservatory Blinds

It’s fair to say that most conservatories have a similar appearance on a structural level. The addition of blinds – as well as your own furniture, possessions and accessories – is what helps make yours unique.

When it comes to blind trends for these home additions, floral patterns are popular. Conservatories provide a link between your Chertsey home and the garden, so nature-inspired designs make an ideal choice. Adding splashes of colour also offsets the white framing and copious amounts of natural light.

If floral patterns aren’t to your taste, trending colours for conservatory blinds include:

For design consistency, you can pair the colour of your conservatory blinds with other features like awnings and canopies.

Plantation Shutters

The inclusion of these shutters is somewhat deceptive. In short, they have retained the same appearance decade after decade. Because of this, plantation shutters stand above trends. They have a timeless quality that makes them a terrific addition to any design scheme, be it in your Chertsey home or any other location.

Due to the rising popularity of minimalist interiors, these shutters are finding new levels of exposure that they rightly deserve.


Having already covered conservatory blinds above, we can focus on window furnishings in the ‘original’ parts of your home, i.e. the bedroom, living room and dining room. If you’re looking to fit any of these rooms with new blinds, current popular choices include:

Whichever option best suits your intentions in Chertsey, you can rest assured that The Shutter & Blind Store achieves the perfect fit. We make our blinds – as well as awnings, plantation shutters and canopies – to order. This means they’re manufactured with your needs in mind.


For both awnings and canopies, one of the latest trends is custom-made installations. Put simply, people no longer want ill-fitting solutions and rigid colour palettes. These products become a focal point of your garden, so it makes sense that you should have complete control over their appearance.

If your Chertsey home has a white, tan or yellow exterior, a bold red awning complements this perfectly. For any other house exterior, such as the more traditional brick, you have more freedom to express yourself. However, solid block colours always work well.

As mentioned above, your awning can play a role in creating a constant design flow throughout your home and into your garden. By having a firm vision, you can match outside products with those inside, like roller, Roman, Venetian, vertical or Conservatory blinds as well as plantation shutters.

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